Why Karunya Sugalaya?

Quality of Life is the Right of People with Diabetes To Provide Quality of Care is Great at Our Centre

Karunya Sugalaya has been a dedicated centre for Diabetes Management since March 2008. We have dedicated lab and pharmacy services since then. From 4th quarter of the year 2009 onwards all patient data has been managed digitally. From May 2011, we have in-patient facilities including Intensive Care Unit mainly for glycaemic control and management of Diabetic Acute Emergencies. We are participating in various clinical trials till date.

We have a strong, dedicated foot care team to ensure best available management in the region. Social responsibility – Diabetes detection is a part of life in Karunya Sugalaya which is achieved by conducting Health awareness camps. We do conduct camps in our premises as well as other places. Education of the public through awareness camps is a key element in prevention of Lifestyle disorders.

JK trust

A Nonprofit wing meant to serve the deserving people who can not afford. Currently managed by the funds generated via hospital income. We are serving needy diabetic patients by free consultation.